FrEe RaNgE cOlleCtiOn by Marcelis "Low-Kei" Smith

Be free, be you, be artistic, be expressive, be confident, be humble, be hungry. Find your passion and grind for it
— Low-Kei

Designer & Stylist Low-Kei was one of the few to be hand selected for a WeAreCultivator X Nike collaboration. The platform gives artists and creators the opportunity to bring their inspirations to life by designing & releasing authentic Nike sneakers on a global scale. We had the chance to talk with Low-Kei about the story behind the shoes as well inspirations & advice he has for up and coming artist.


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What inspired you?

My inspiration comes from within. The idea of creating is exciting yet peaceful to me.

I use everyday things we as people see on a day to day basis around us.

It could be a bird I see flying but the colors on the bird could give me an idea 💡for a new color way.

Life is art and art is life . Life is my daily inspiration when it comes to creating.

What advice do you have for the youth aspiring to be artist?

For the ones coming up behind me (youth), be sure to always follow your creative heart .

It will lead you places . Always stick to your creativity and don’t change it for anyone.

That’s how you remain unique, how you remain you.

It’s easy to get lost on what’s going on with other artists or what’s the wave at the moment.

But stay original, stay you & never give up on that. Consistency is key.


They gone think I won a Grammy
— Future Hendrix

The Grammy Museum located in the heart of Los Angeles, right next to the infamous LA Live is a must see on your next trip to LA. This museum is one of the few to be interactive; being able to engage with different items in the gallery made the experience much more enjoyable. Aside from educating visitors on the vast list of grammy winners, you get a chance to learn about different musical genres & how music came about in some cultures. Oh, and they also have Michael Jacksons glove and Ray Charles glasses on display along with many more historical music artifacts. Every month the Grammy Museum features different exhibits, this time they teamed up with Warner Bros. to present “The Get Animated Invasion”. This exhibit walks you through the history behind Warner Bros. iconic animations and short films. However, the pop-up only lasted a month so to stay updated on the upcoming & current exhibits you can check here. But for now enjoy the gallery!


BEYOND THE STREETS is an examination of cultural outlaws who embody the spirit of the graffiti and street art culture.

Beyond the streets is a premier exhibition within a 40,000+ sq ft space, with displays of work both indoor and outdoor. The gallery is innovating because it showcases graffiti & street art through paintings, sculptures, photography, and more multimedia canvases on a new level. With the gallery being so spacious you will definitely need a few hours to review it in detail. With over 100 artists such as Takashi Murakami, Keith Haring and BANKSY to name a few; you will leave BTS with a new found appreciation for "street art". Only open Friday-Sunday, you have a few more days to experience the show as the last day is August 26th. To obtain tickets you may purchase at the door or online here.



With Creative License by Wonderspaces

Wonderspaces brought yet another pop-up museum to San Diego; "With Creative License" being the newest gallery on display at the B street Pier. Keeping the same concept as last years show, Wonderspaces partners with artist from around the world to bring together an animating show. Each art piece has its own captivating feature to get your mind wondering...needless to say, if you have a chance to make it to Downtown San Diego Wonderspaces is worth a visit. More info about tickets, hours, etc on their website


Louis Vuitton Time Capsule


The time capsule exhibition by Louis Vuitton covers a selection of hand picked items from the House's archives, with some dating back to the late 1800s. This exhibition really shows how innovative and complex Louis Vuitton really is; a brand started in 1821 that still has relevance and is at the top of the game is really inspiring. Supplying a platform to walk you through the timeline of landmark moments really allows you to appreciate the elegance in motion. With the appointment of Virgil Abloh as Men's Artistic Designer, it is likely for the brand to keep producing new ingenious creations. The LV time capsule is open from 05.18.2018 - 06.10.2018 and is free of charge located at the Westfield Century City in Los Angeles, CA.