Louis Vuitton X


Louis Vuitton X brings you 160 years of collaborations and creative exchange. Inside the exhibit you will find over 100 pieces from the House’s archives, with some dating back to the early 1900s. The story of Louis Vuitton is very inspiring, watching a young boy grow the brand into the powerhouse it is today. If art history isn’t your thing you’ll be ok…Louis Vuitton X is full of “instagram-able” rooms to keep you entertained. Open to the public for FREE until September 15th, located 468 North Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

moments before you enter…



Figures of Speech by Virgil Abloh


Virgil Abloh has emerged into one of the biggest artist of this decade; from fashion shows to art galleries he has his hand in just about everything. Abloh got his start in fashion in the early 2000s when his t-shirt designs caught the attention of Kanye, shortly after he joined the inner circle and…well the rest is history. In 2018 he became the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton, the first African American to do so which gave him global recognition. This exhibit at MCA Chicago is this story in a physical space.


Wonderspaces: in common


For the third year in a row Wonderspaces brings you another show with brand new artist. Since beginning their journey in 2016 Wonderspaces has evolved into this “pop-up” art show that people drive all across the state to visit. Starting this year Wonderspaces is now showing in Arizona and in the fall Texas; this expansion allows them to carry on their mission of creating shared understandings through shared experiences. To stay updated or purchase tickets you can do so here. Below you can find some of the rooms on display now at the San Diego location, don’t forget to like and share. Enjoy!

MYRKVIÐR by Yasuhiro Chida

ANIMA by onformative, Nick Verstand, Geert Schaap
EXPERIMENT 2.C by Dan Goods & David Delgado
RAINBOW ROOMS by Pierre le Riche
CONFESSIONS by Candy Chang
LES CENT VISAGES by Scenocosme

Susan B. Anthony Museum & House


Meet one of the most influential & impactful reformers in American history; from labor reform to women’s suffrage Susan B. Anthony gave it her all to make a change that would last forever!



Is it a crime for a U.S. Citizen to vote?
— Susan B. Anthony
Tour home of Susan B. Anthony and her family built 1859.

For more information about the Susan B. Anthony Museum & House or to schedule a visit click here.

Adrian Gamboa


Adrian Gamboa-Dreams

Adrian Gamboa-Dreams

Had the opportunity to sit down with Riversides own AG. We talked music, inspirations, and goals for the rest of the year. Most only know AG as a rapper, but he’s a multi talented artist from design to making his own beats! With over 10 years of experience in building his music career, he shows no signs of slowing down. Fresh off the stage at The Peppermint Club, AG prepares us for new music & a new music video which drops today. If you haven’t already you can follow him here to stay updated with all of his projects!

I’m the modern day George Michael.
— AG



Question 1: What inspired you?

Experiences inspire me. Day to day moments and feelings/emotions felt during those specific moments. I think when we take a step back, we can see that the only thing we really have are memories and in those memories there are emotions that resonate and if you dig deep to figure out those emotions you can find human truths that in turn inspire songs. I’ve been trying to focus on that. I try to make music that feels honest and true to my life. Whether it’s a song that’s more introspective or a high energy cocky trap song. Everything’s an emotion I’ve felt based on a specific story in my life.


Question 2: What advice do you have for the youth aspiring to be artist?

The only advice I’d really give is to always be hypercritical of yourself as an artist. Never think that you have it figured out. Always feel like someone is outworking you and for that same reason be on the look out for things to learn and improve. Focus on creating a story for people. Creating art has an influence on happiness for both the individual and the public. Realize how powerful that is and try to create a relevant world for humans to exist in.


Watch his new video “Dreams” now!