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Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power brings you 20 years of American art history from the years 1963-1983; history some may know and others you might have missed in the history books growing up. The Broad put together a great exhibition to shed light on Black artist during a time period that was rather harsh for their culture. Please allow yourself to be inspired by the art below, to do so view with an open mind. Enjoy!


Takashi brings another exhibition to Beverly Hills

but this time for a solo show. This gallery presents variations of interconnected

imagery with amazing detail. The last day to view this exhibit is April 13th, so

you only have a few more days to check it out. However, for those who can’t

please enjoy the gallery below.



LA Art Show (2019)

The biggest art show of the year!

More than 100 galleries from over 18 countries all in one place;

the LA Art show is the biggest show of the year with a

200,000 square feet venue allowing a one-of-a-kind experience.



29rooms; the interactive playground for adults. This pop up museum would be held at The Reef in downtown Los Angeles from December 5th - 9th. With intent to be a groundbreaking art experience, 29rooms was literally a exhibit with 29 rooms based off different themes by different artist.

FrEe RaNgE cOlleCtiOn by Marcelis "Low-Kei" Smith

Be free, be you, be artistic, be expressive, be confident, be humble, be hungry. Find your passion and grind for it
— Low-Kei

Designer & Stylist Low-Kei was one of the few to be hand selected for a WeAreCultivator X Nike collaboration. The platform gives artists and creators the opportunity to bring their inspirations to life by designing & releasing authentic Nike sneakers on a global scale. We had the chance to talk with Low-Kei about the story behind the shoes as well inspirations & advice he has for up and coming artist.


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What inspired you?

My inspiration comes from within. The idea of creating is exciting yet peaceful to me.

I use everyday things we as people see on a day to day basis around us.

It could be a bird I see flying but the colors on the bird could give me an idea 💡for a new color way.

Life is art and art is life . Life is my daily inspiration when it comes to creating.

What advice do you have for the youth aspiring to be artist?

For the ones coming up behind me (youth), be sure to always follow your creative heart .

It will lead you places . Always stick to your creativity and don’t change it for anyone.

That’s how you remain unique, how you remain you.

It’s easy to get lost on what’s going on with other artists or what’s the wave at the moment.

But stay original, stay you & never give up on that. Consistency is key.