Museum of Ice Cream


Had the chance to check out LA's most hyped museum of the year and it did not disappoint.  After opening in late April, tickets have been selling out on every release date within hours. The Museum of Ice Cream has drawn a lot of popular names, from Jay-Z & Beyonce to David Beckham only adding more of a incentive to go. However tickets for the LA location are currently sold out for the year, but early September they will be opening up a new San Francisco location. If you are interested in attending which I highly recommend you can sign up for their newsletter here.


Once you step foot into the museum you are greeted with vibrant "happy" colors...oh and treats! Every room has a specific theme, the picture above was apart of the hollywood set where I ran into Scoop Dogg's star before crossing Strawberry and Vine street. After seeing so many pictures on the internet of the MOIC I kind of envisioned how it would be in person, but it was still pretty amazing seeing hundreds of bananas hanging from as high as 15 feet in the air. If I had to choose, my favorite room would be the mint room for multiple reasons; it was the only room I had not seen pictures of, I was given a rare mint chip mochi and the simple yet resonating quote that read, " a fresh start is always an option this room is for you" made the room stand out from the others. Overall my time at the Museum of Ice Cream was entertaining. Below I have put together a gallery of each room in order, I hope you enjoy!