So I am going to keep this "short & sweet", one because I know most people don't like to read extensive text and two because the Wonderspaces museum itself is fairly small. I was able to visit this pop-up museum twice, the first time I photographed my experience and the second time I tried to observe from a spectators perspective aka not through my viewfinder. I heard about this museum through a friend and once I looked into it I felt like I was seeing that #pulseportal figure everywhere...idk if I should blame cookies or the law of attraction. Once I arrived to Wonderspaces for the first time my exact thoughts were, "why is this museum a big tent" but that would really just set the tone for the array of art stored away behind those doors. The lineup consists of sixteen unique pieces, some you may even recognize from a local festival or fair. However this exhibition is worth a trip to San Diego, only available for viewing until the end of August and you may purchase tickets here. These are some of the installations that I found intriguing. Don't forget to like and comment; ENJOY!