Takashi brings another exhibition to Beverly Hills

but this time for a solo show. This gallery presents variations of interconnected

imagery with amazing detail. The last day to view this exhibit is April 13th, so

you only have a few more days to check it out. However, for those who can’t

please enjoy the gallery below.




29rooms; the interactive playground for adults. This pop up museum would be held at The Reef in downtown Los Angeles from December 5th - 9th. With intent to be a groundbreaking art experience, 29rooms was literally a exhibit with 29 rooms based off different themes by different artist.

Geometric Art

Unity through diversity
— Rob Hill

Rob Hill is a geometric abstract artist by way of Harbor City, California. He approaches his work of art with a mindset of “unity through diversity” and it is very well represented by the interactions of lines and colors. What makes Rob stand out is his ability to make any surface his canvas whether it’s wood, denim, leather, or the walls Los Angeles where you can find many of his murals. From doing clothing to hosting art exhibitions, Rob has done a lot with no intentions of slowing down his journey of spreading a positive message through art. 

“If my painting was a recipe, I would add colors that symbolize different things that give off positive energy”

“If my painting was a recipe, I would add colors that symbolize different things that give off positive energy”


What inspired you?

My family and my life journey. I’m inspired by other artist that came before me as well, their history provided me concrete to build my road in the art world.  

What advice do you have for aspiring artists? 

Be yourself and work at your craft. Don’t be afraid to expose your raw talent and creativity. The better you become at being yourself the better your journey will be.


For more information or commissioned work from the artist you can follow his website and Instagram .

Art History in Europe


The Van Gogh museum had to be my personal favorite out of all the museums I visited throughout Europe. This was one of the first I had been to that was dedicated to a single artist. The museum was organized in chronological order so you could walk through Van Gogh’s life step by step and see how different points of his life effected his paintings. His art was usually a mix of landscapes, self-portraits, and different scenes of moments, however; all of his work always featured large globs of texture filled paint that would bring the canvas to life. After about two to three hours of immersing myself in paintings, I walked out of there with a new-found desire to do some painting myself.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rome is home to the almighty Vatican Museum, which is also home to the legendary Sistine Chapel. I must start off by saying these pictures do not do Michelangelo any justice at all. This man was incredible and I never quite understood just how incredible he really was until I saw this masterpiece covering the ceiling of the chapel and was just amazed. It’s hard to imagine Michelangelo hand painting the entire piece over the span of four years, but in fact, that is exactly how it happened. While the painting was in progress, Michelangelo became so jealous of his work that he wouldn’t allow anyone to see it before it was completed! I think it’s fair to say it was well worth the wait. Even with all the crowds and long lines it was still an unforgettable experience. I would definitely say it is one of those things you truly need to see for yourself if you have the chance. Also pictured are some photos of David, another famous product of Michelangelo, and the Duomo.

Rome, Italy

Musée d’Orsay was a gem. To be completely honest, I chose to visit this museum over the Louvre, and it did not disappoint. It was nice change of pace to be able to explore different exhibits from various time periods and view everything without feeling rushed or crowded. Some of my favorite finds were the original statue of Liberty and this super crazy detailed sculpture of gladiators fighting (pictured below). The museum was inside of an old train station which complemented all the art very nicely.

Paris, France

Marciano Art Foundation

The Marciano Art Foundation is one of LA's newest contemporary art spaces with a collection of over 1,000 artworks from well known artists. For those who are not familiar with the name, the founders Maurice and Paul Marciano are the creators of the brand GUESS? which grew into a iconic lifestyle apparel offering the expansion of new retail concepts "Marciano" and "G by Guess". The brothers are originally from South France, upon their arrival to America grew their new found appeal to contemporary art through visits to galleries and auctions. In 2006 they started collecting work and by 2012 the brothers reached a point to where it seemed imperative to share their collection and love of art publicly. May 25, 2017 would mark the day of opening for the museum, located in the heart of Los Angeles off Wilshire Boulevard. Open to the public Thursday-Saturday admission to the Marciano Art Foundation is free of charge, however tickets must be reserved online in advance which can be done here

Untitled #549-E by Cindy Sherman 

Untitled #549-E by Cindy Sherman 

So I was lucky enough to get 2 tickets for the first Saturday after being sold out for weeks in advance. With the museum having a fashion background it only made sense that I invited my fashionable older brother, who is a fan of the arts as well as an artist himself. We met at the museum around 10:30 and began our tour. After a few steps we were granted this view (above), a mural piece by Cindy Sherman a photographer and film director who gained exposure through her abstract portraits. Honestly a lot of the art presented here kind of took me by surprise, mainly the pieces by Jim Shaw whose exhibit took up the whole first level. With an array of artists ranging from ceramics to canvas prints I am sure there is a form of art that will spark interest. I was able to capture some of my favorites along with some thought provoking pieces. I hope you enjoy the gallery below!