LA Art Show (2019)

The biggest art show of the year!

More than 100 galleries from over 18 countries all in one place;

the LA Art show is the biggest show of the year with a

200,000 square feet venue allowing a one-of-a-kind experience.



29rooms; the interactive playground for adults. This pop up museum would be held at The Reef in downtown Los Angeles from December 5th - 9th. With intent to be a groundbreaking art experience, 29rooms was literally a exhibit with 29 rooms based off different themes by different artist.


AMERICA TOO is the third collaboration this year by Murakami & Abloh; with previous shows “Future History” being in London & “Technicolor 2” in Paris it was only a matter of time before the duo brought a show to USA. The two have a natural chemistry that seems to work well whenever they decide to collaborate on a project. This is not limited to just art, but fashion as well…with Virgil Abloh being the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton, it is likely for them to work together under the high fashion brand seeing as how Takashi Murakami started a relationship with Louis when he designed this bag in 2003. But for now we can appreciate the work they do have out, Gagosian in Beverly Hills was host of “AMERICA TOO” which was on display from October 10th thru the 25th.

For a recap of opening day you can visit their website here and checkout the gallery below.




They gone think I won a Grammy
— Future Hendrix

The Grammy Museum located in the heart of Los Angeles, right next to the infamous LA Live is a must see on your next trip to LA. This museum is one of the few to be interactive; being able to engage with different items in the gallery made the experience much more enjoyable. Aside from educating visitors on the vast list of grammy winners, you get a chance to learn about different musical genres & how music came about in some cultures. Oh, and they also have Michael Jacksons glove and Ray Charles glasses on display along with many more historical music artifacts. Every month the Grammy Museum features different exhibits, this time they teamed up with Warner Bros. to present “The Get Animated Invasion”. This exhibit walks you through the history behind Warner Bros. iconic animations and short films. However, the pop-up only lasted a month so to stay updated on the upcoming & current exhibits you can check here. But for now enjoy the gallery!

With Creative License by Wonderspaces

Wonderspaces brought yet another pop-up museum to San Diego; "With Creative License" being the newest gallery on display at the B street Pier. Keeping the same concept as last years show, Wonderspaces partners with artist from around the world to bring together an animating show. Each art piece has its own captivating feature to get your mind wondering...needless to say, if you have a chance to make it to Downtown San Diego Wonderspaces is worth a visit. More info about tickets, hours, etc on their website